Why request or reject my ID card?

Why request or reject my ID card?

Why request for my ID card?

This is to enable us to further verify the information you provided us with during registration.
Why reject my ID card?

Your ID card can be rejected if:
  1. An ID card with name, date of birth, and ID number mismatch is provided.

  2. The ID card is expired. 

  3. An Invalid ID card such as old national ID and temporary voters card is provided.

  4. The ID card is verified by the web host providers, not Carbon. If they are unable to validate the details provided, Carbon is unable to verify the information provided

  5. If the new cards have not been updated by the web host providers, it means the cards cannot be authenticated.

Acceptable ID cards.
We only accept valid government-approved identification cards and this includes:
  1. Permanent drivers license 

  2. Permanent voters card (PVC) 

  3. National ID card, plastic, and slip (NIMC)

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