Why am I unable to link my card to my Carbon account?

Why am I unable to link my card to my Carbon account?

Linking your bank card to your Carbon account might fail because of one of the following reasons:

  1. Wrong debit card type - Please set up a visa or master card, these are the acceptable cards. Card not enabled for web transactions - Please contact your card issuer to enroll your card for online transactions.
  2. Insufficient funds - Ensure the account linked to the debit card is funded with at least N100.00 above the card issuing bank’s minimum balance.
  3. Inputting incorrect information - Ensure the appropriate card number, pin and OTP are provided.
  4. Linking a card that is registered to another Carbon customer - Ensure card is not linked to another Carbon account.
  5. For setup issue relating to loan disbursement, also ensure debit card is valid for at least 60 days after the scheduled last repayment date of the approved loan.
NOTE: Carbon will never ask you for your Carbon Pin, Carbon verification code, debit card PIN, OTP via ticket and any social media channel.

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