Setting Up Your Debit Card for Carbon Loan Repayment: Step-by-Step Guide

Why am I required to set up my debit card for repayment?

By default, your Carbon account will be debited on your due date. However, in a situation where your account is not funded, an attempt to debit your bank account is made. That is why you are required to set up your debit card before the loan will be disbursed to you. 

Here is how to setup your bank debit card on your Carbon account.

You can only set up Visa or MasterCard on the app at the moment. Verve cards are not accepted, hence you do not have to attempt to set up a verve card. If you do, you will get debited #50 but card set up will not be successful.

Please ensure the following;

  1. You must set up your personal debit/ATM card i.e the card being registered must match the account holder's information.
  2. Debit card/ATM must be enabled for online transactions before you can set up your card on the Carbon application.
  3. There must be at least N100 above the bank minimum balance in the account(SAVINGS and CURRENT) linked to that card.

If you don’t currently have access to the device where the OTP was sent, you may try using another card(master or visa card), if you have one.

Please note: While loan repayments from your Carbon account are free, you may be charged for card processing fees if your Carbon account is not funded by your repayment date. 

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