Troubleshooting: Why Am I Not Receiving My Verification Code?

​Why am I not receiving verification code?

A verification code is a six-digit PIN code used to verify your mobile number. This code is received during registration and can only be used once.

Why am I not receiving verification code?
  1. Ported line: If your mobile line has ever been ported from one mobile network to another, provide the phone number, the network the line was ported from, and to via email: You can also send STOP to 2442.
  2. Activated DND (Do not Disturb): If your line is activated for DND by your mobile network, contact your network provided to deactivate your line from DND so you can receive SMS

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        Please confirm that the phone number registered on your account is available and reachable. If not, kindly revert. If yes, also please confirm the following: Has your mobile line ever been ported from one mobile network to another? If so, kindly ...
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        To verify your email, kindly click on the verify your email option on the app, you will receive a verification link in your mailbox, click on "VERIFY ME" or copy and paste the link on the mail to your web browser to have your email verified.
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        If the verification link is not seen in your inbox, please check all the folders associated with your email (SPAM and Promotions inclusive).If not received, please do the following, then try again; Ensure is not blocked or ...
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