What is my Carbon account number?

What is my Carbon account number?

Your Carbon account number is the unique number Carbon uses to identify you as its customer for transactions. Think of it as your identity number with us. To get your Account number, Log into the Carbon app, on your home page, your Carbon account number is displayed there.

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    • How to find your Account number

      Your account number required to fund your wallet via mobile banking app transfer. To view your account number on the Carbon app, click on the fund account, and Follow these steps to find your wallet ID number; (Android) Login >> Fund Account >> Copy ...
    • How do I transfer from the Carbon Account [Wallet]?

      Kindly follow the steps below to transfer funds into your desired bank account. When you log in to your home page, 1. Select ‘Send money’ 2. Select ‘New Recipient’ and enter your bank account number 3. Select bank name 4. Enter the amount you want to ...
    • Why am I unable to link my card to my Carbon account?

      Linking your bank card to your Carbon account might fail because of one of the following reasons: Wrong debit card type - Please set up a visa or master card, these are the acceptable cards. Card not enabled for web transactions - Please contact your ...
    • How do I fund my account?

      You can fund your Carbon account with the steps below: Click ‘Add money’ to retrieve your Carbon account number Log in to your mobile banking app, select transfer to other banks Enter the amount you want to fund your Carbon account with. Input your ...
    • Is there interest in funds saved in my Carbon account ?

      There is a 1% annualized interest on the cumulative funds saved in your Carbon account which is paid out on the 1st day of every month.