What is the interest rate on SME loans?

What is the interest rate on SME loans?

The interest rate for SME loans is between 3% - 5%.

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    • What is the loan interest rate?

      The interest rate ranges from 4-30% per month, depending on the loan amount, your profile, and the information entered on the application. This is usually calculated especially for you based on your repayment history and risk profile.
    • Do I have to pay any interest on my Carbon Zero purchases?

      No, you won't be charged any interest on your purchases with Carbon Zero. You only need to pay a one-time 5% processing fee
    • What is the criteria for SME loans?

      To access business loans on Carbon you need to have the following criteria: A business registered with the CAC. A valid Tax Identification Number (TIN). Applicable Sectors (for now) include: Retail, Agent Banking, Food Services, Health Services. Time ...
    • How can I access SME Loans

      Carbon provides flexible finance for SMEs. The way to access it is to: Register at https://smefinance.getcarbon.co/ and start your journey to accessible finance. Completely fill the required information and upload requested documents for eg: Valid ...
    • Do you give loans?

      Yes, we offer instant loans to help solve urgent problems, cater to substantial expenses, and grow families and businesses. To be able to access a loan, you need to be on KYC level 2. Follow the instructions below to submit an application: Once ...