Carbon Loan Top-up

Loan Top-up

A loan top-up is accessing additional funds on a multiple installment facility after paying a certain number of installments on time for an extended period at the same rate.

How do I get a top-up ?
You need to have a current loan within a 3- 9 months installment and you must have paid for 2 months on time. Then, the top-up loan offer will be displayed to you in the app, at your current interest rate and loan tenor. However, you can only access a top-up loan once in a loan cycle

Why can’t I get a top-up ?
  1.  Your current loan is less than a 3 months tenor
  2. You are yet to repay the 2nd installment on your current loan
  3. Your installment repayments have not been on time



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      After downloading the app, sign in to identify yourself by providing your personal and financial information on your profile to get your Carbon account upgraded to KYC level 2, which is the minimum level required to access a Carbon loan. Once done, ...
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