I have an active card but no Carbon Zero amount approved help.

I have an active card but no Carbon Zero amount approved help.

After card activation, it takes about 4 hours for eligible customers to see a pre-approved Carbon Zero amount in the Carbon App.

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    • What is Carbon Zero?

      Carbon Zero is a buy-now-pay-later product that lets you purchase gadgets and electronics and pay in small installments at a 0% interest rate. These include: phones, TVs, ' refrigerators, air conditioners, gaming consoles, and a whole lot more. We ...
    • Are there any hidden fees on Carbon Zero?

      There are absolutely no hidden charges when you buy any item with Carbon Zero. However, to help smooth the repayment process, there is a charge on late repayments.
    • What transactions can my Carbon Debit card be used for?

      The Carbon debit card can be used for: Online transactions. Local ATM withdrawals. POS purchases. Carbon Zero purchases.
    • Why am I unable to link my card to my Carbon account?

      Linking your bank card to your Carbon account might fail because of one of the following reasons: Wrong debit card type - Please set up a visa or master card, these are the acceptable cards. Card not enabled for web transactions - Please contact your ...
    • What items are available on Carbon Zero?

      There are various gadgets and electronic items available on Carbon Zero: Smartphones. TVs. Home theater sets. Refrigerators. Air conditioners. Laptops, and so on.