How to send money on Carbon?

How to send money on Carbon?

To send money to a new recipient on Carbon:

Once signed in
  1. click on “send money”.
  2. If the beneficiary is new, click on “new recipient”.
  3. Or select “recent transfers” if you have recently sent money to the beneficiary.
  4. You can also click on “saved beneficiary” if the beneficiary is saved.
  5. Input the account number, bank, amount, remark which is optional  and click on proceed.
  6. Review the transaction and input your transaction pin to confirm.

If your desired bank is not listed, please  write to us. to us requesting it to be included on the app, and your request will be passed on.

Note: Using your Carbon account to send money is completely free if you have not exhausted your 30 free transfers.  If you have, you will be charged  ₦‎10 but using a debit card to send money will result in a 1% fee.

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