How to reset my Carbon pin

How to reset my Carbon pin

If you do not remember your PIN, please  select 'forgot PIN' and enter the requested personal details in order to reset your PIN.

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    • Why you should set your transaction pin.

      Every Carbon account is protected by a unique four-digit PIN that should only be known by the account holder. You can’t use your Carbon account without first setting your sign-in PIN. Your transactions on the app are also secured with this PIN.
    • Incorrect PIN

      Description of problem This error indicates that you might have provided an incorrect PIN, which caused the transaction to fail. Solution(s) You can complete the transaction by entering your correct card PIN If you have any difficulty remembering ...
    • How to send money on Carbon?

      To send money to a new recipient on Carbon: Once signed in click on “send money”. If the beneficiary is new, click on “new recipient”. Or select “recent transfers” if you have recently sent money to the beneficiary. You can also click on “saved ...
    • Can I set-up more than 1 debit card on Carbon?

      At the moment, you can only add a maximum of 5 debit cards within a 30 day period. PLEASE NOTE: Carbon will never ask you for your Carbon Pin, Carbon verification code, Debit card & PIN, via any social media channel.
    • PIN tries exceeded

      Description of problem This happens if you tried to complete a transaction with an incorrect PIN. Solution(s) Please retry the transaction and provide the correct PIN to successfully complete the transaction If you have any difficulty remembering ...