How to find your Account number

How to find your Account number

Your account number required to fund your wallet via mobile banking app transfer. To view your account number on the Carbon app, click on the fund account, and

Follow these steps to find your wallet ID number;
(Android) Login >> Fund Account >> Copy Account Number. 
(IOS) Login >> Fund Account  >> Copy Account Number.

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    • What Is my Carbon account number?

      Your Carbon account number is the unique number Carbon uses to identify you as its customer. Think of it as your identity number with us. To get your Account number, Log into the Carbon app, on your home page, your Carbon account number is displayed ...
    • Airtime purchase (wrong number, incomplete number or incorrect number)

      If debited for a failed airtime top-up via your bank account (from the card registered on your profile) contact the card services unit of your bank 24 hours after, if no reversal was automatically done and fill a dispense error form for a possible ...
    • How can I fund my account [wallet]?

      Funds transfer: Initiate a funds transfer from your bank's mobile app to your Carbon wallet by selecting One Finance as the name of the bank and your wallet ID as your account number. Debit card Login to your Carbon app, click on fund wallet, select ...
    • How do I transfer from the Carbon Account [Wallet]?

      Select 'withdraw', enter your bank account number, select bank name, enter the amount you want to send for wallet transfer, select NEXT, select ' Securely Pay then input your Carbon pin to confirm payment. You have 30 free transfers every 30 days ...
    • What is my Maximum Account Limit?

      Your KYC level determines your account limit. Level 1: Single transfer limit -0 Daily transfer limit- 0 Wallet limit - 0 Level 2: Single transfer limit -N50,000 Daily transfer limit- N300,000 Wallet limit - N500,000  Level 3: Single transfer limit ...