Requesting a Carbon Debit Card: Easy Steps to Get Your Card

How can I request a Carbon debit Card?

To request a Carbon debit card:

  • Click on Cards at app home page.

  • Tap on physical.

  • Select your state of residence. 

  • Note: Debit cards are available if you are resident in Abuja, Delta, Edo, Kaduna, Kwara, Lagos, Ogun, Ondo, Osun, Oyo and Rivers state.

  • Fill out your information and the delivery address.

  • Confirm the request and your debit card will be delivered within 7 days. 

  • Note: You can add a secondary phone number so we can reach you on the day of delivery.

NOTE: The carbon card costs N1,000 only. However, there is a delivery fee within N2,100 depending on the location.



 Click here to watch the instructional video

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    • Why has my card request declined?

      Your card request may be declined because of one of the following reasons: Insufficient funds in your Carbon account. Card not enabled for web transactions. Inputting incorrect information. The delivery address is not in one of our eligible states.
    • How can I split my payments with Carbon Zero?

      Splitting payments with Carbon Zero is easy! 1) Open the Carbon app 2) Click on "Carbon Zero," and you'll be directed to the Zero homepage 3) Click "New Purchase," fill in the purchase details, choose your repayment plan, and complete the ...
    • How can I deactivate my card and request for a new Carbon card?

      To deactivate your Carbon physical card, simply use the Cancel card option on the app. On the home page, select cards at the bottom of the page On the physical card view, just below the picture of your card, click on settings Select cancel card then ...
    • Why am I required to set up my debit card for repayment?

      By default, your Carbon account will be debited on your due date. However, in a situation where your account is not funded, an attempt to debit your bank account is made. That is why you are required to set up your debit card before the loan will be ...
    • What transactions can my Carbon Debit card be used for?

      The Carbon debit card can be used for: Online transactions. Local ATM withdrawals. POS purchases. Carbon Zero purchases.