How can I enable my debit card for online transactions?

How can I enable my debit card for online transactions?

Contact the card services unit of your bank to have your debit (ATM) card enabled for online transactions. Please contact your bank for detailed instructions.

PLEASE NOTE: Carbon will never ask you for your Carbon Pin, Carbon verification code, Debit card & PIN, via WhatsApp or any social media channel.‚Äč

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    • What transactions can my Carbon Debit card be used for?

      The Carbon debit card can be used for: Online transactions. Local ATM withdrawals. POS purchases. Carbon Zero purchases.
    • Can I perform international transactions with my Carbon Debit Card?

      No, you cannot. The debit cards can only be used currently on local ATM and POS terminals and also for online transactions only on Paystack, Flutterwave, and Interswitch platforms.
    • How can I add a new debit card?

      With No Approved Loan Login to the Carbon application. Select "Account" on the home page Select Cards and banks Click on the plus sign(+) at the bottom right corner of the page or click “Add a new debit/ATM card OTP is generated by your bank, contact ...
    • Why am I required to set up my debit card for repayment?

      By default, your Carbon account will be debited on your due date. However, in a situation where your account is not funded, an attempt to debit your bank account is made. That is why you are required to set up your debit card before the loan will be ...
    • Restricted card

      Description of problem  This error response means that transactions from the debit card have been restricted. Solution(s) Please reach out to your bank to find out what the problem is. You may also try using another bank’s card instead (if you have ...