Rectifying BVN Date of Birth Issues on Carbon: Step-by-Step Guide

How can I change my date of birth or rectify BVN date of birth mismatch on Carbon?

You need to update the date of birth-related to your BVN then provide us with the printout of your BVN data page, stamped and signed showing (name, passport photo, date of birth, phone number, enrollment institution, enrollment branch and NIN) and a valid government approved ID card (permanent voter's card, permanent National ID card, International Passport or permanent driver's license showing the same date of birth) via email:
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    • Unable to sign in, BVN registered to another user.

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    • I accidentally registered the wrong Date of birth, what can I do?

      If the date of birth on your Carbon account does not correspond with the information on your BVN profile, kindly provide your: BVN, and a valid Government approved ID card showing your correct date of birth here to enable us to correct this.
    • What happens if I can’t make a payment on my due date?

      We understand that financial circumstances can change suddenly, however, it is important to note that we do not reschedule repayment dates and you should only take a Carbon loan if you are reasonably certain you have the means to repay within the ...
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    • I don’t know my BVN. What should I do?

      Just dial *565*0#. Please note: This will only work if you are making the request from the same phone number currently linked to your bank account.