How can I access SME Loans

How can I access SME Loans

Carbon provides flexible finance for SMEs. The way to access it is to:

  1. Register at and start your journey to accessible finance.
  2. Completely fill the required information and upload requested documents for eg: Valid ID, CAC documents etc.
  3. Apply for a loan.

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    • What is the criteria for SME loans?

      To access business loans on Carbon you need to have the following criteria: A business registered with the CAC. A valid Tax Identification Number (TIN). Applicable Sectors (for now) include: Retail, Agent Banking, Food Services, Health Services. Time ...
    • What is the interest rate on SME loans?

      The interest rate for SME loans is between 3% - 5%.
    • How much can my business access via the SME loan?

      SME loan amount ranges from N300,000 to N10,000,000 as a starter. However, you can access more than these amounts as a repeat client.
    • Do you give loans?

      Yes, we offer instant loans to help solve urgent problems, cater to substantial expenses, and grow families and businesses. To be able to access a loan, you need to be on KYC level 2. Follow the instructions below to submit an application: Once ...
    • How can I register for the Free SME Training on Carbon In Collaboration With Bigspring?

      Building a business in Nigeria can be tough, but Carbon is always here to support you. We recently launched FREE training for our SME customers in collaboration with Bigspring. Skill up on: Financial services Sales Service excellence Design thinking ...